Mobile App

A recent winner of the Herox Big Ocean Button Challenge sponsored by XPRIZE. Android users can access daily ocean acidification metrics for thousands of coastal and coral reef sites.

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Web App

Currently under development. We're building a new interface that transcends platforms, giving more users access to our data.

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Ocean Health with the Touch of a Button

Our goal is to someday make checking in on the health of the ocean as easy as checking the local weather.

Combining machine learning with modern satellite observations, SOpHIE represents the first step in providing rich global data sets to address challenges related to historically sparse oceanographic data.

As concerns about the effects of ocean acidification continue to grow, individual stakeholders in our oceans' health need a method of pinpointing problem areas as they arise.

SOpHIE offers users a chance to know with statistical significance if a site that matters to them is at risk from ocean acidification.


Looking to partner...

We are at a dynamic stage in our development and open to collaborating with members of the ocean acidification community to develop our core technology.