Our Approach

The oceans are warming and acidifying, but there are steps we can take now to mitigate our risk. In order to make these decisions we need to be better informed, and that requires data that isn't always readily available. That's where our model comes in, using machine learning approaches to fill in the gaps in our knowledge about the oceans.

Our Story

Inspired by our environment and work, we devoted our core skill sets to building a mobile app that would change the face of how we deal with ocean acidification. That product, SOpHIE, went on to be a winner in the Herox Big Ocean Button Challenge sponsored by XPRIZE.

Meet the Team


Aaron Bagnell

Co-Founder & Developer

Aaron is a PhD candidate in Marine Science at UC Santa Barbara. He is interested in applying machine learning techniques to oceanographic problems.


Sara Bagnell

Co-Founder and Designer

Sara is a graduate of University of Oregon and specializes in user experience design.