We Extend to you the right to use SOpHIE for any non-commercial purpose you see fit. This includes personal, academic, public, or private use that is not for commercial purposes or for profit.

In other words, please don't try to sell our data to someone else. If you are a private company who wants to use this data, we have no problem with that. If you plan to monetize our data, you should consult us first.

If you are a researcher or academic, by all means use this data. We appreciate acknowledgement but do not require it.

One thing we do ask is that you be judicious in your calls to our database. The data is only updated once a day after all. If our server fees become too egregious we may no longer be able to provide much of this data for free to our users.

We reserve the right to suspend your account and your access to the SOpHIE database if you violate this policy.