We strive to keep your personal data secure. The best way to do that is by minimizing our requests for your data in the first place. That is why the only personal data we request from you is an email address used for registration and authorization when you sign up to use SOpHIE.

We need your email address to ensure a quality experience for everyone. By establishing this minimum requirement, we are better able to identify you as a unique user, reducing the risk that our platform will be abused by nefarious actors.

No other data is currently collected by SOpHIE. We do not track any locations you select to monitor, nor do we store or access any of the notes you take using the mobile app’s field notes feature.

This may leave you vulnerable to loss of data, as everything you do after initial setup of the mobile app is stored only on your phone. We do not back it up anywhere else. Therefore, you will  not be able to access any of the locations you save or your notes on a device that is not the one where you originally set these preferences. 

What data we collect in the future may change as we transition to a web app platform if we truly believe it is necessary to deliver a better experience to our users. But we will try to make our reasoning for any changes as transparent as possible and allow users to opt out whenever possible if they do not wish for their data to be collected.

One thing we do currently request in the mobile app are sensitive permissions to read and write to external storage. This is necessary if you opt to download your field notes and ocean acidification data or forward this data in an email. We do not use this permission for any other purpose and no personal data is collected by opting in.